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Four mistake need to pay attention for Home lighting decoration

Four mistake need to pay attention for Home lighting decoration

In our lives, the lighting is an indispensable part. Home lighting can not only bring a bright indoor environment for us, but also dotted with various indoor areas, to create a variety of home-style through different match.

Different lighting needs of the user, different lamps can be achieved with a variety of lighting effects, and even different lamps can be opened and closed to create a personality full of lighting, add warmth and fun of life for us.

However, the lighting is so important is not simply lighting up or look good on the line. Lighting in the home, but there are some errors, if only in accordance with the lighting effects lighting to arrange it, not only a waste of energy and lighting, and even our lives will be affected, these errors should be avoided when setting fixtures.

Then on to common household lighting Mistakes do some analysis, I hope you can gain something after reading your home lighting to make reasonable arrangements to create a comfortable lighting environment.

Myth one: the home environment is too high or too low illumination

Directly determines the brightness of indoor lighting indoor lighting environment. We all know that the environment is not conducive to our too dark to distinguish objects and environments, but too bright lighting can also affect our lives.

Some people like the feeling in the room to create a brightly-lit, use many lamps to provide a very bright environment, there are still some users prefer low-key feel, indoor light only provides a low brightness illumination, these practices have our will bring pressure on the eye muscles, causing visual fatigue, it is not desirable.

For home lighting, the brightness of the different functional areas need is not the same. Living room needs to receive guests, providing the overall bright environment; To read the study provide a bright environment; restaurant meal for lighting environments, these environments require high brightness.

The main function is to provide a bedroom to rest, its brightness should not be too high, so you can create a more suitable environment for rest. Kitchen and bathroom for less demanding lighting can also be used a softer luminance lamps to provide lighting.

It also should be noted that, although for different space with a different brightness, but different does not have much room brightness changes when we switch between different brightness of sight, the eye muscles need to adjust to adapt to the environment, a large brightness changes easily lead to visual fatigue. We will not have discomfort when entering the room feel different.

Overall, the light intensity for indoor lighting should remain soft and even provide higher brightness in the living room, study and restaurants, and in the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom provides a lower brightness, different brightness does not have a big difference, so You can create the right lighting and without waste of energy for us.

Myth: home environment, excessive use of warm light

Light color interior lighting used is not the same, will bring different lighting environment. Partial general yellow light is warm light, can bring warm and comfortable environment for our lighting, bluish light was cool light that can help us to focus and improve attention.

There are many users believe that the home environment is mainly rest and recreation space, you need to use warm light to create a warm environment, in fact, doing so is not appropriate. Warm light can indeed provide us with a more intimate lighting environment, but its color temperature is low, is not conducive to learning and reading, etc., it is not too much use of warm light.

According to different functions, light color interior use are not the same. Living room, study and kitchen need to focus light, use a neutral white light color is more suitable, while the bedroom and bathroom for the rest of us will need to provide a comfortable environment, using warm light more appropriate.

When choosing lighting, we should pay attention on the package label light color is cool or warm, so we can reasonably use in the home environment, the user can also identify the products according to the color temperature of the lamp, the color temperature below 3300K for warm light, 3300K-5300K neutral white, 5300K cool light of the above. If there is no color temperature or light-colored logo on the packaging of a light source, do not buy as much as possible.

Myth: the brightness and color contrast is too strong

When it comes to comparing the indoor environment is too strong, a lot of people know in different lighting conditions of the room should not have too much contrast, but even in the same room, there exists a strong lighting contrast misunderstanding easily cause us to ignore.

Modern home living room TV wall will design, some families will install spotlights in the side of the TV wall, open at night watching TV spotlights in pursuit of visual effects, but it will bring chiaroscuro TV wall and the surrounding environment, for a long time will affect the visual experience.

Some users when learning to read to close the main means of illumination lamp lighting, believing it can save power. While indeed power, but this is more likely to lead to increased visual fatigue, which can affect their vision health. Will cause the desktop brightness and brightness of the environment has a very strong contrast, it is easy to cause visual fatigue, but worth the candle.

Set a table lamp in the bedroom, can facilitate us getting up at night to be read comfortably in bed or using a mobile phone, but the brightness of the lamp is too high is not easy, so at night there will be no glare lighting for the rest of us have important role. You can choose to have the lamp brightness adjustment function, which is more suitable for use in the bedroom.

Overall, no matter how large the indoor environment, or the same space, it should not appear obvious environmental chiaroscuro. From a long-term perspective, uniform lighting is an important part of a comfortable environment.

Myth four: the pursuit of the effect of light color too

Different colors of light can reflect the owner's personality and aesthetic, it is possible to build a different home environment. However, too much color is often counterproductive, not only distinct personality, but also make us feel uncomfortable in such lighting conditions.

Some families in the selection of lamps, colorful feel like, or the pursuit of high-end atmospheric effects in a variety of colors for indoor installation of lamps, when needed to illuminate a colorful indoor environment. Although it may seem extravagant, but in actual use, light color clutter our visual impact, it will also affect our normal life, prone to light pollution.

In fact, the home environment as long as there is a color to the main color, color, not too much, and without fuss arranged lighting, color and color temperature of different rooms should also be harmonized.

In general, home lighting arrangements of various errors, we need to arrange intention to avoid. Just follow rational scientific setting, you can let the lamp to illuminate us healthy and comfortable life for our home environment to add luster.