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Shop decoration: the use of color and lighting techniques

Shop decoration: the use of color and lighting techniques

Human beings in their daily lives feeling of color contains the following three elements:

(1) hue: red, yellow, green color, that is primary, is the basic color of all colors.

(2) brightness: color represents brightness of colors, such as: light pink, bright red, yellowish green. It indicates the color of dark colors, such as: light gray, purple, olive, brown.

(3) saturation: is the vividness of the color, such as black, white, red. Obviously it can be divided into warm colors and cold colors.

Warm color is generally very easy to get color, such as red, yellow and other colors, which is more suitable for younger strata shops, the same color, pink, red, light yellow color preferences and other women, women's stores and infant apparel shops, and other products Skip senior shop more appropriate.

Cold color seems very far from the high feeling, to expand the sense of cold regions with high ceilings shops should not be used otherwise entered the shop will feel very lonely, intimacy reduce, try to avoid using to do. But in the summer in order to reproduce the feeling of mountain Haitao, when the display using cold color, can produce cool feeling, so as seasonal application is very appropriate.

In addition, the elements can be formed color effects commodity color and wall color blending. For example, the background is yellow walls, if the display of the same color yellow commodities, not only seems strange, and easy to lose commercial value. Thus, if the opposite color display contrasting colors, such as black, white goods and Chen, more distinctive merchandise will be sure to use contrasting colors. Store color not only can improve the customer's purchasing power, and can raise the standard of goods.

As important as in-store lighting in the store and the role of color, it can improve the merchandise display effect, create a store atmosphere, creating a pleasant and comfortable shopping environment. Throughout the store, lighting design finishing touch effect, it is like a palette, you can create a variety of different colors, like a weird bottle, can be formulated with different tastes, so ingenious lighting design, increase the value of goods, strengthen customer willingness to buy, so the effect of visual merchandising best.

First, merchandise display lighting design

With the light irradiation, commodities become more attractive for the customer, lighting played a guiding role. In other words, the purpose of the mall lighting can be divided into two aspects: one is for the commodity, the second is for the customer.

For commodities, the main purpose of lighting are:

Enhanced commodity color and texture: After light exposure, such as the warm light shining on a warm commodity, can enhance the effect of the color of goods, glassware reflected via light or shiny items, adding a fine and noble commodities ;

Emphasize Product Features: designed projection beam, so that goods and background, creating a sense of space; In addition, the shade is an expression, it can heighten produce special atmosphere, so that the connotation of goods to interpretation, to show final purpose.

For customers, the purpose of lighting are:

Attract customer's attention: When goods can not stand out from the surrounding environment, the light can play its role, for example: the use of brightness, color contrast, so that customers can focus attention on a particular commodity, thus It reached a visual guide role.

Improve product affinity: colored light irradiation via the trade will produce soft, warm feeling, so that customers get a psychological euphoria, and then the goods feel good, so that the desire to buy.

1, the appropriate illumination

The characteristics of goods different from the way lighting should also be changed, in order to achieve a targeted lighting style. Lighting commonly used methods are the following:

Direct and semi-direct lighting: direct light intensity, high efficiency, easy to form a clear shadow, therefore, a strong contrast, is a dynamic way of lighting on the shiny commodity best.

Semi-indirect and indirect lighting: lighting efficiency is low, but the soft light, the contrast is small, can be used to create a light, soothing or hazy, gentle atmosphere for elegant lingerie goods or commodities.

2, the color temperature of light sources of different

Different light sources with different color temperatures, for example: warm incandescent light, warm colors for products; cold light and fluorescent lamps, white and cool colors make the product more personalized. Therefore, the use of different lamps, via artificial adjustment, it can create a different atmosphere, making it seem cool or warm.

3, lighting design principles

Goods prominent visual effects, that simple and effective means of lighting. Select lighting equipment should take into account the principles of lighting effects and saving energy. Lighting design should note the following:

For wall illumination to improve, while the rest will have to decrease so that the background color of the wall projecting, you can fully demonstrate the personality and characteristics of goods; lighting design should take full account of customers, intense lighting makes the eyes feel tired, should be avoided use; illumination intensity reflects the taste of the shop, that is, the softer the more advanced arcade light; high-intensity lighting and effective lighting is not equal, and therefore, according to the visual display of goods needs to be designed.

Second, window lighting

Windows and lighting for passers-designed, therefore, the brightness of the window must be within 2 to 4 times higher than in stores.

Showcase lighting not only have beauty, but must also be strengthened and commodity visual atmosphere of the contrast, so can be used under lamps, chandeliers and other decorative lighting, so that the light structured, expressive; and should avoid average, single brightness, and should be used 'Sui tuning lighting; in addition, with the different seasons of the goods on display, pay attention to the color temperature of the lighting of coordination.

Three, walls, pillars lighting

Shelf wall cabinet illumination required is 1.5-2 times the store. Display stands from top to bottom, each layer requires the same brightness, so should be used between layers of fluorescent lamps. Some stores will need to use the spotlight to make up the brightness. As for the walls show display can be used to bracket lamps or spotlights to increase the sense of value of goods.

Wall display cabinet lighting, multi-use thin tube fluorescent lamps, spotlights above and then to provide auxiliary light, usually to achieve the desired results.

If you have a column in the store, then you should use bracket lamps and chandeliers as a light source, if the use of column space around the display, the display, the best result in a certain dark contrast lighting effects, if the upper and lower portions of the column is consistent brightness, It will result in mediocre, monotonous effect.

Low ceilings suitable for use under the light, otherwise it would be the dim light, causing the sense of oppression; green lawn decoration Visualizer, bright color, moving, if you use a spotlight illumination is showing a vitality; should be within the shelf install fluorescent, which makes goods legible and uniform illumination; display cabinet should use thin fluorescent lamps, can highlight the soft effect; display shelves wall there is enough light, so that goods become prominent.