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The advantages of LED light bulb during saving energy

The advantages of LED light bulb during saving energy


At present, more and more LED lamps have replaced traditional lighting, and lighting used in exhibition, advertising lighting, underwater lighting, architectural lighting, street lighting and other applications.

  Our Government has "energy conservation" as a national policy. With the national "energy saving" project in depth, "Green Lighting Project" has been listed as key projects to promote our country and the energy industry century strategy. Chinese lighting industry has entered a watershed of industrial upgrading. In the appeal of energy saving lighting background, energy-efficient LED products are a focus of industrial upgrading, it has been called "the beginning of a new revolution in lighting", set environmental protection, long life, high efficiency, high color, no flicker, no UV, mosquitoes do not move, instant start, wide voltage range, wide-width operating temperature range and many other advantages in one. Its environmental advantage is more energy-efficient lighting products leader. If China has 10% of the traditional light source is LED instead be saving 90 billion kwh, equivalent to 8.64 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year. Currently, LED lighting products has penetrated into all areas of social life. The following are several commonly used lamps, LED lamps to be compared with the advantages of LED lamps quantified it.

    Comparative advantages of LED lamps quantization table (commercial power: 1.2 yuan / kwh)

    From the above table it is easy to see, LED lamp is 1/10 incandescent bulb of the power consumption. As for the current use of a greater amount of energy-saving lamps or fluorescent tubes, energy efficiency is also more than 50%, and completely avoid the energy-saving lamps or fluorescent tubes harmful lethal substances - mercury. A 36w fluorescent tube broken will cause the surrounding air mercury vapor content of more than 2000 times more than the national standard; and some scrap lamps mishandled, containing mercury into the ground, each milligrams of mercury can contaminate hundreds of tons of water, which will undoubtedly the ecological environment is also a great harm. LED lights not only the face of increasingly serious energy crisis, but also to provide an important way to purify the environment. Therefore, LED lighting in the energy-saving potential is enormous.