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Why is heat dissipation of LED lights so important ? Problems of LED lights cooling ? Heat sink, radiator, radiating

Why is heat dissipation of LED lights so important ? Problems of LED lights cooling ?


The current common incandescent bulbs or fluorescent lamps, even if the product itself is running may produce heat, but the heat component can still be effectively isolated from the light source and power connection seat will not produce heat and unexpected problems. However, solid-state lighting is different, one to focus on running a high temperature LED module single point, must take more active means of heat treatment, and heat treatment with the active and effective mechanism in order to avoid problems with lighting. LED solid-state light source Heat Treatment is much more complex than traditional lighting.
Or more than a traditional light fixtures generate heat during operation problems, such as halogen bulbs or incandescent bulbs, if form incandescent lamp, lamp that is heated in a ball specially treated to produce tungsten light.
In fact, rather than the high temperature generated in the filament lamp holder, lamp holder even due to light ball glass or metal tungsten light of that radiant heat, indirect heat transfer high temperature, but the temperature resulting in acceptable safety range, and then With non-direct contact conduction, security is relatively high.
But replaced by solid-state LED light source in the form of lamps, the treatment will likely become a new application security issues. Most people would think that LED with high energy conversion efficiency, low driving energy advantages, the use of high security nature, but in fact LED solid-state light source in order to achieve the purpose of the daily lighting applications, it is necessary to strengthen the unit to increase power through a single set of components lumen output member, such as lighting plant will adopt a multi-LED module integration in the form of strengthening the output effect, and multi-component while running can improve LED solid-state light source type deflection point source of the problem, the LED solid-state light source technology lighting produces as bulb-like surface lighting effects.
If you want to strengthen the lumen output unit member must be a higher current to the LED chip PN junction produce more lumens, but also makes for higher current single LED assembly point temperature rises, more difficult to handle, even for improve the performance of the optical type, the luminous efficiency of the lamp and take the form of a multi-component and also make the problem of high temperature LED lighting intensifies, so the heat problem more difficult to handle.
Looking at the current development trend of LED lighting market, most of the LED light source manufacturers would most likely be market-driven, because of the high price, high profit to be made by the technical differences quickly into the development of more technologically avant-garde LED light source market, for example, for upholstery, situational lighting applications embedded lamps, wall lamps, ceiling lamps LED light source has become more common form of design, power efficiency to replace the traditional lamp post which is also the most relevant industry attention.
Thermal design LED light fixtures need to focus, where possible in a closed or semi-secret Downlights dead through use, wall lamps, ceiling products, a more demanding challenge, lamps developers have from the material, product configuration, the main / passive cooling mechanism, the drive chip design and other aspects to invest more resources in order to avoid the products in question Hajime students. Especially LED Recessed Lighting is small, and often adopt multi-component integration, high thermal design difficulty module. Embedded mining lamp housing or aluminum extrusion heat sink design, can play the role of autologous heat. But this is not enough.
LED thermal management: NTC continuous operating temperature is maintained safe LED lights
If the LED lamp does not come with sufficient thermal management design, during use may cause high fever running lamps because often caused by the sharp drop in life expectancy, resulting in frequent need to replace the failed LED lighting problems, severe cases may even lead to accidents due to high temperature operation causing lines or the surrounding décor is burning!
In the product development stage, the use of intelligent LED lighting control technology, see temperature performance LED lamps with integral light source module through proactive monitoring, simplify thermal management device, and when the lamp with the ambient temperature rises to zone time, Lamps electric power must be reduced, reducing the LED light output, in order to enhance the use of LED solid-state light source lamp safety.
Like LED Ceiling shell consider a simpler design form, if the lamp itself using a drive that features a more focused on power conversion and LED driver module, not embedded microprocessor temperature control and heat processing module to avoid an increase in raw materials member cost, LED lamps can be integrated NTC (NegativeTemperatureCoeffient) negative temperature coefficient ThermistorSensors electricity, is the relatively high cost-effectiveness of safety design.
The so-called NTC electricity, its purpose is to set back by electronically monitoring the temperature of the LED lamp module, or through the default temperature warning automatic processing corresponding to the driving conditions, picking off the LED solid-state light source module on ways to increase the use of safety LED lamps while NTC electricity also reduces the complexity of the design.
Since NTC electric temperature coefficient is very large, so that can detect tiny changes in temperature performance, it is widely used in demand measurement, control and compensation-related electrical design temperatures, whereas NTC electrical LED light source module design, the basic product changes in the surrounding temperature is measured LED solid-state light source lamps, as measured with the voltage situation will change the status of NTC, directly measured the electrical voltage and NTC temperature correspondence.
When the NTC and peripheral level or raise the temperature of the entire module, the electrical resistance of NTC reduced immediately, so the product can be related dependencies security control feedback mechanisms, such as reducing the LED drive current of the light emitting component or directly forced off lighting in fixtures temperature problems improve after automatic reply lighting state, thereby obtaining safety lamp used.